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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let Your Mind Speak

There are numerous issues that people crave for.Craving is not a state of the heart it is the state of the mind.The goal is set the target is met, you know to achieve is possible, then you start craving.Be prepared to face the hurdles down the way.I agree it is hard , but possible.Always be positive ,these vibrations will definitely help you cross the difficulties you would come across in the process of finding what you crave for.Every human is strong ,very strong but fail to realize it.
One has to raise your inner-self.Give it that confidence say "I can do it" and then apply effort to reach the target set.Make it a part of your routine , apply continuous effort.Don't get dejected work your way through and then you will realize without your knowledge that you have obtained that which you have longed for.This spiritual and mental balance will bring in you the purpose of survival.Of course make sure you do not suppress others desires completely, in the ongoing process of attainment of your goal.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Complete Parenting

There exists a relationship of intimacy and understanding between every parent and child. The only language that every new born knows is crying. Crying for hunger, pain, discomfort, fear etc.
As the infant grows the rhythm becomes mature and different. The infant has to register that he/she has to cry for food.Therefore feeding a baby when it is fast asleep is not advisable. The mother has to be fed on more of water containing diet like juices, yogurt, and buttermilk every 2 hours. Comfortable posture of the mother facilitates feeding and prevents backaches. To avoid splits in the skin around the breast make sure the baby’s mouth is full with the nipple. Every mother should make it a point to sleep well, and relax when the child is asleep.

Some working parents opt to bottle-feeds before 6 months, this is not advisable. Mothers feed gives resistance power to the baby, they are less prone to diarrhea, cold, cough and phlegm. Lactation also helps mothers to remain healthy and fit. Research has proved that the possibility of breast cancer is very less for lactating mothers. Every mother should take an oath that I will not deprive these benefits to my child .A child enters this world only out our acceptance, love, affection, and commitment. The child which has received its origin from us, Let feed it on nature’s tonic and not any artificial mixtures

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Choice Of Second Child

As mothers when we opt for a second child .We look towards rearing a second child for the sake of companionship of the first. But if the first one itself had no companionship of the working mother and was left with the baby sitter as their financial soundness was not sufficient by a single parent working or the mother is so career oriented that she did not want to opt being a home maker. Then one has to think twice before making a decision of a second child.” The mother can substitute everyone but no one can ever substitute a mother”.

The basic analysis one has to do before we make a decision for a second child is:-

Are we financially sound to support the needs of the second child .Dont create the demand and then go for providing the necessities.

Can the mother give the required attention? Are you ready to make compromises required for the second bond?
If the answer to all theses questions is a confidence “Yes” then opt for a second child. Now try avoiding making omissions that you made for the first child. Try to fill in the gaps of your experience from the first child. This time you are too cautious and balanced.

Allot time for both so that the first one does not feel ignored ,at the same time allot quality time for the second ,Take the help of the first child to bring that bond. Make the first feel his responsibility of taking care of the sibling. Talk to the first about how important his guidance is for the second. Include the second when you are narrating stories to the eldest. Avoid only making the second wear his sibling’s clothes. One or two exchanges are acceptable but not always. Let him not be a second hand.

Conduct activities in which both of them interested. Don’t force their participation into one co-curricular. Don’t be partial; this may lead to sibling jealousy. Don’t dictate terms to them, guide them, let them bloom with ease and not wither.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Parental –Mental Illness

Most unfortunate are those children who have to cope up with parental mental illness. Among every 5 people facing mental illness one is a parent .These are confused people who are moody and in depression always.
The most common form of mental illness in a mother is the post partum depression. The short term depression after delivery but in some it worsens to post partum Psychosis, desire to harm the baby. This makes it difficult in bringing up children in a healthy atmosphere. The child gets to witness frequent quarrels in families, abuses either physically or verbally and constant instability in family relationships. The common challenges that these children experience are bullying by their classmates, frequent absenteeism and studies not catered to, low grades. The parents show least interest in the child’s academics and daily routine needs.
Thee children completely lose out on physical and mental intimacy with their parent. This could be minimized if the other parent can compensate for it. these defects tends to make the elder children lose their childhood as they have to handle responsibilities not right for their age like managing siblings, cooking ,taking care of the household etc.
The affected parent might avoid the child mingling with the outside world due to insecurity e.g. neighbors and therefore they are shut to the outside contacts. This may lead to depression in the child, due to isolation.
Research has proved that a child of a parent who is mentally ill experiences the same mental imbalance and tends to inherit some of the traits from their parents like fear, anxiety etc. The child is affected to a great extent if they have grown up with a mentally ill parent and have been subjected to abuses ,negligence, witnessed arguments, violence, seen parents misusing alcohol or drugs. They tend to assume that their future relationships and acquaintances might be with the same kind of people.
Ways to cope up with such illness so that you protect your child is if being a parent you feel you are too anxious violent or losing control please seek medical help and advice. If your partner is so then take help of your friends or relatives to protect your children from such contacts. Be the best and give the best to your child after all they deserve it. Spread the signs of positive and perfect parenting.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dating –Single Parent

Dating which was once said in whispers has become, so common nowadays. Especially “Single Parent Dating” The thought never occurred to single parents earlier, not thought to be comfortable idea. But in the recent past and today it is thought to be very common and in our society it has become an acceptable fact. Still it always is shouldering of a huge responsibility if the parent has children. Maintaining a balance between the two is a heavy task if not organized and co-coordinated in advance.
Every step resorted by you has to be revised and thought before implemented as every single moment will reflect the life of the child. A simple date can cause depression in the child who is already down with the separation from one parent maybe due to death or divorce.
Confirm with your date about their ideas of children and if it is about hating kids then better move away. Your compromise on your child for the new person in your life is too an expensive affair.
Do not think of introducing your date to your children at a early stage hoping to build a close bond between them. This may lead to stress if your date disappears from their lives. Sudden inclusions in your Childs life may also prove to be disgusting for your child.
Be slow and steady before you get into long potential dating .If your date is genuine they would respect your feelings and understand the need for such slow progress. Don’t thrust the acceptance of your date on your child. Introduce the situation and leave it to them to decide. If it is positive then things will proceed smoothly else if you feel your date is worth it then be firm in emphasizing the reason to demand courtesy and politeness in your child’s behavior towards your date.
Be understanding and guide them to make their adjustments. Let your date not exercise parental authority on your child. Leave your child to accept the relationship themselves.
No matter how long and serious your dating has been the topic of remarriage brings in a lot of confused emotions in your child, of being insecure and abandoned in the future. What changes and adjustments they will have to make by the entry of a new individual in their lives.
Talk it out to your child, respect their emotions and feelings. Make them understand that this inclusion of your date will never bring about a division or any parting of your affection and love. In fact it is only a widening of the family circle, including one more person to share the bond of your love. A person who would equally extend their support, and security to your child.

Non-Biological Moms-Step Parenting

When Parenting is a challenging task, why not step parenting too with its hurdles and risks. Step Parenting is the most difficult but a noble task.
The child who is undergoing feelings of anger, jealousy and fear with a replacement of his parent with a step mother, brother and sister has reached this stage may be due to death or divorce, has to be handled with complete understanding, care and support and with a sense of commitment and love. His actions are mostly not intentional; it is only an outlet of his fear and anxiety. Sometimes your silence and listening attitude helps him better than your words.
At the same time please intimate it to the child that you would not tolerate disrespect though you care for him and you are always there on his side. Move away when he is either physically or verbally abusive allow him to calm down and then make him understand your support available to him.
Expecting for acceptance immediately is not reasonable. Definitely there is retaliation as acceptance may mean betrayal of biological parent according to the child. Be patient time and your affection and care would bring about the change.
Spend at least 15 mins with each one of them in a day. Spend those moments to have fun and do what both of you enjoy. Even the biological parent can do the same. Enforcement of discipline techniques should be done by the biological parent. Let it be equally done between your children and the others.
Concentrate on strengthening your relationship with the child rather than abusing their biological parents no matter however bad they might have been. This tends to make the child lose respect for you.
Strengthen your relationship with your spouse. This will help you to handle tough situations. Never miss your romances with your spouse. Keep a balance between your family and your marriage. Be peaceful, calm and avoid stress. Talk it out to your friend or a counselor. Always think positive. The blood relationship proves sometimes weaker to the bond built through love and care. Stretch out your heart; be genuine in your actions and your emotions. The key to positive parenting lies right in your hands.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lactation - sign of positive Parenting

The primary intake for the baby is the mother’s feed. There should be no doubt as far as this is concerned. During the final days of pregnancy the “Cholestrom” starts to secrete. If this is the first child then the secretion lasts for 2 days after pregnancy.
This secretion contains very important ingredients. It has a high content of resistant antibodies that prevents diseases. It also has a high percentage of white blood corpuscles. It is slightly yellow in color and a sticky dense liquid. It is secreted only in a small quantity, but sufficient enough to satisfy the hunger of the new born, whose capacity to consume is only 5-10 ml.
The infant should be fed in a very comfortable manner. Every positive parent should believe that my feed is the best for my child. Every parent should take an oath that I would not resort to anything without doctor’s advice as this would affect my child.
It definitely takes some days for the infant to learn the technique of sucking. Mother’s feed can be categorized as pre and post .The first milk is more diluted when compared to the latter. The nutrient value of the latter is more.
The former satisfies thirst while the latter satisfies hunger. The infant has to be fed whenever it cries, no matter it is once in 30 minutes. An infant should be fed only when it is awake. It has to understand the meaning of hunger. How to indicate its hunger and who to approach .These could be practiced only when the infant is awake.
A hungry infant cannot continue to sleep. Therefore there is no need to disturb a sleeping infant and feed it. There is a subject of doubt in the minds of the mother that the milk in the breast tends to get spoilt if unfed for a very long time. That is not true as the secretion happens only when the child feeds on the milk.
Posture while feeding the infant is very important. The infant should be fed sitting in a comfortable position not lying down posture as this affects the ears of the infant.
The infant should be lactated compulsorily for the first 6 months .Infants that have been lactated for 6 months seem to be more innovative, happy, smart children in the future. Let’s grow up healthy and nourished children and fulfill the strategy of perfect parenthood.